EVIL Sasuke Vs Boruto & Sarada soon 🔥|Boruto: 2 BV Chapter – 5

The Time Ship Unveiled

Chapter Five of Boruto; 2BV presents an exhilarating tale that takes a twist uncovering details and setting the stage for a showdown, between Sasuke and our beloved trio, Boruto and Sarada. The chapter kicks off with the revelation of a time ship, a marvel that holds secrets to the plot. As we delve into the past witnessing Borutos training under Sasukes guidance the story takes a turn. Playing the role of mentor Sasuke reveals that he has imparted all his techniques and styles to Boruto within one year showcasing his knowledge and skills at such a young age.

A Mother’s Legacy

The deep emotional bond between Sasuke and Boruto is further explored, with Sasuke calling him “Root ” adding layers to their relationship dynamics. The narrative then shifts to Boat Village where we are introduced to the Code. His encounter, with Sasuke uncovers a truth – a belief that Boruto is a traitor. Despite this revelation Sasuke remains steadfast in his commitment to train Boruto driven by a force and unwavering belief in a purpose.


Sinister Shinju and Unveiling of Targets

Adding intrigue are characters known as Sinju who emerge onto the scene with their sinister agendas.Jura, the leader advises the Sinju to trust their instincts creating a situation that could lead to clashes, with our characters. The revelation of Shinju hides intended target Sarada Uchiha brings up inquiries, about the Uchiha heritage and how it connects to the events.


What Lies Ahead

Chapter Five of Boruto: BV is a rollercoaster of emotions, revelations, and foreshadowing, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next installment. The clash between good and evil, the untangling of family legacies, and the unveiling of hidden powers create a narrative tapestry that keeps readers hooked until the very end.


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