Sukuna CAN’T be KILLED ?🔥| Hakari in NOT a HUMAN | JJK Ch – 245 SPOILERS

In the latest chapter 245 “Jujutsu Kaisen” things really intensified, especially during the showdown between Hakari and Uraume. And hold on to your seats because Sukuna dropped a big bombshell that left fans in disbelief!

Battle Showdown:

The chapter begins with the much anticipated clash between Hakari and Uraume. It’s like a big game showdown with a great Hakari domain extension called “The Hot Gamer Hakari Vs. The Frozen Star Rame”. Uraume’s ice attacks seem powerful, but Hakari’s clever use of his domain and jackpot ability add a great twist to the fight.

The Surprise Kick:

Hakari shows some toughness against Urama’s chilling moves. Then comes a surprising moment – Hakari’s super-fast recovery catches Uraume off guard. And boom! Hakari lands a powerful kick, causing things to explode. It’s like fireworks that highlights Hakari’s strength and speed.

Sukun’s legal drama:

As Hakari and Uraume drop down, the story shifts to Sukuna, Itadori, and the court. The judge drops the bomb and pronounces the death penalty for both Sukuna and Itadori. But Sukuna, his cold self, is unfazed and even shows interest in Higara’s execution sword.

Sukun’s Unexpected Powers:

As the trial continues, Sukuna spills the beans – still brandishing Cleave and Dismantle techniques. This violates the rules that say cursed spirits lose their powers after being found guilty. Now everyone wonders how powerful Sukuna really is and what lies ahead for the characters.

The Twist in the Tale:

Here’s the plot – Sukuna uses the Cleave and Dismantle moves over Higara’s sword. This shakes up the rules we thought we knew and hints at some sort of conspiracy to keep us on our toes. The chapter leaves us hanging, can’t wait to see what happens next.

To sum it up:

Chapter 245 “Jujutsu Kaisen” gives us a wild ride with epic battles, surprising twists and Sukuna flexing unexpected muscles. The clash between Hakari and Uram showcases their skills, and Sukun’s rule-breaking adds an exciting mystery. Get ready for more surprises in the next chapters! Stay tuned for updates in our next blog post!


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