Weathering with You


The main character above: a nerd who is completely isolated from the world in which he lives. He is not interested in others and firmly believes that no one is interested in him. His story begins when he stumbles upon a manuscript called Life and death. He soon identified it as the secret diary of his popular, bubbly classmate, Sakura amaamauchi. He then said he had pancreatic cancer and his time was limited. Only his family knew about his last illness; even his best friends don’t know. Despite this revelation, he sympathizes with the situation, but after being swayed by Sakura’s persistence, he agrees to go back with the rest of them.

When polar opposite pairs interact, the bond between the choices they make these days is strengthened. Changes in the appearance and unpredictability of the main character destroys the meaning of life, reveals the true meaning of life, opens his heart and gradually opens his heart.


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